WATCH Liberation Webinar To Show Solidarity with Iranian People

Liberation held a webinar on May 16th to inform and show solidarity with Iranian people and their demands for change, and to oppose any imperialist intervention in Iran. This webinar aimed to bolster understanding and support the struggle of the Iranian people to transition to a democratic, independent, peaceful, democratic and sovereign state where human and democratic rights of citizens are respected.

Speakers were:

-Professor Ervand Abrahamian, historian, Baruch College & Graduate Center of the City University of New York
-Azar Sepehr, Women’s rights activist, Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women in UK
-Kemal Ozkan, Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL
-Comrade Habib, International Department, Tudeh Party of Iran
-Jeremy Corbyn MP, Liberation, Peace & Justice Project

There was a Q&A. 

Photo: Creative Commons/Matt Hrkac from Geelong / Melbourne, Australia

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