Will your next MP support a safer, freer and fairer world?

Today, at least 20 wars are being waged around the world, including in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as other less publicised ‘hidden’ conflicts, like Sudan.

These wars bear witness to the way in which imperialist power politics are being played out and the peoples of the world are paying the price.

Britain can and must stop playing second fiddle to the US and instead assume, independently, a more progressive peaceful role for our country in the world. 

So if ask your prospective MP comes knocking on your door, ask them if they will pledge to promote and raise in parliament …

  1. An independent UK foreign policy
  2. An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, and the cessation of violence and human rights abuses in Iran, Sudan, and Palestine
  3. Diplomatic efforts to promote peaceful resolutions and inclusive political transitions in Iran and Sudan
  4. Release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience,
  5. Support for the establishment of a fully independent and sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. ​
  6. Increased international aid and support for those in humanitarian need
  7. Advocacy for the rights of all peoples to self-determination, democracy, and social justice
  8. Promotion of fairtrade practices, economic justice, and responsible investment in the global south
  9. Withdrawal from NATO, freeze in military spending, no renewal of the Trident, halt to the sale of weapons that fuel conflicts
  10. Renounce the Stop the Boats and Hostile Environment policies

…and let us know what they said – email us at info@liberationorg.co.uk

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