Aims and Objectives

We oppose military aggression by the great powers, and economic warfare through blockades and sanctions. We campaign for peace and disarmament.

Economic JusticeĀ 
We oppose economic exploitation of the developing world by mulitnational corporations, and the neoliberal policies of the IMF/World Bank and G7 governments. We support social development and economic self-determination for developing countries.

We support the rights of asylum seekers, migrant workers and other minorities facing racist abuse and discrimination. We oppose detention without charge and other attacks on human rights imposed in the name of fighting terrorism.

Human Rights
We represent at the United Nations all peoples deprived of their fundamental democratic rights and freedoms.

We build international solidarity particularly through the trade unions and other mass organisations. We help the representatives of national movements for self-determination and human rights to make their work in the UK, the United Nations and in their own countries effective.

We seek to increase public awareness of the issues of international economic justice and human rights though our own and joint events, in Parliament and through the media.

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