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It is all too clear that the struggle against war, oppression and exploitation has still not been won, despite the achievement of independence by most former colonial countries. Imperialism may have taken new forms but it is still part of the contemporary world scene. Today, the leaders of the only remaining superpower, the United States, are establishing military bases across the world,
justifying the idea of pre-emptive military strikes and supporting a world economic system which threatens the environment and perpetuates poverty.

Liberation continues to be supported by MPs, MEPs, trade unions, Labour Party and solidarity organisations in Britain and abroad. It is
vital to widen and strengthen that support in order to enable the campaign for human emancipation to continue.

Our role today engages in advocacy efforts, organising meetings and seminars in parliament, raising issues and making interventions at the UN, sending delegations to Governments concerned, including our own, publishing our Journal and newsletters, and seeking assistance from Trade Unions to give solidarity.

At the Liberation AGM expert and prominent speakers are invited to talk about significant key issues of the world, like Climate Change which is the topic of this year. Resolutions are also debated at the AGM on the issues facing various countries and peoples.

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