Liberation @ 70 – Celebrate with us!

We are one of the oldest human rights organisations in the UK. Next year we will be 70! We aim to mark the occasion by:

  • Publishing of a book on the history of Liberation since our founding as Movement for Colonial Freedom in 1954, covering key developments and highlighting the movers and shakers. Each chapter will be written by authoritative authors and will include the years leading up to MCF, right up to the present day.
  • Producing print and digital educational materials and conduct outreach on our history and the continuing threat today of neo-colonialism in the Global South
  • Holding a lively in person event, with food, culture and politics
  • Making investments to put the organisation on a firmer footing to support our everyday activities

In order to achieve our ambitions we need to raise funds.

Please give as generously as you feel able to (any amount large or small is gratefully received) and pass it on!

Among other fundraising activities we will be holding a raffle – look out for details subsequently.

PLUS: If you would like to contribute by giving your time, or if you have memories of your activism in Liberation/MCF you would like to share, get in touch in the first instance at