Release all Palestinian political prisoners!

Liberation supports the campaign for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners who have done no crime but campaigning for the implementation of the UN resolutions calling for the establishment of the independent state of Palestine within the pre-June 1967 war and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Please find below a statement from the Palestinian People’s Party

Palestinian Peoples Party Appeal for solidarity

To the Communist and workers parties
To the progressive, democratic and peace loving forces
To the Human rights organizations

Palestinian Peoples Party appeals to all progressive , democratic forces and human rights organizations to express their solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

More than 4,600 Palestinians (amongst them 34 women, 160 children, 500 administrative detainees and nine members of legislative council) are in Israeli jails.

They are passing through very difficult situation especially those who are in hunger strike. Hisham Abu Hawwash was on hunger strike for 140 days protesting against his illegal administrative detention, as many prisoners are in hunger strike. Naser Abu Hmaid is in a critical situation and he can lose his life in Israeli jails any time .

We believe that the international community must fulfill its obligations to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to ensure response to the just demands of the hunger strikers and their release, and to break the silence about the escalation of the occupation’s violations of international human rights standards and rules of international humanitarian law, and to oblige the occupation authorities to respect international law and the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

We appeal to all of you to express your solidarity with the prisoners especially Naser Abu maid who needs urgently to be transferred out of Israel for therapy and to force Israel to stop violation of human rights and international law and to release them.

Long live international solidarity

PPP international relations, Ramallah 11\1\2022 (

Image: Creative Commons

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