Sudan: Open Memorandum to Organizations, States and the Free World

By The Alliance of Forces for Radical Change

The war in the Sudan is moving to complete its first year, and it is expanding and deepening. Its direct impact on citizens is increased by killing, displacement, asylum, rape and torture, and loss of housing and money. we are addressing you today through this open memorandum, to remind you of our people’s destiny and their suffering in the war, and to remind you of the role of the free world and their official and popular organizations in preventing crimes committed and stopping the killing machine, let us first review the humanitarian conditions of the people of Sudan:

A: The number of Sudanese displaced by the war has exceeded 7 million and 100,000 persons (according to United Nations reports). These numbers are added to the former displaced people in Darfur, Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains by the same parties of the current war.

B: Because of displacement and killing (the number of people killed by the war in Sudan exceeds 12,000, according to very conservative estimates), and the loss of shelter, the lack of agricultural and industrial production is exacerbated, which threatens to cause an extreme starvation, according to international organizations, as well as the loss of income for hundreds of thousands of urban families, whether they are employed in fixed jobs, gaining day by day living or holding marginal occupations, all of which are accelerating the interconnected collapse of the State and economic forces with geometric progression.

c: Most health service providers in the capital have stopped (with estimates of more than 90%) and whole states were affected by the collapse of their health system. The overall health service exit rate is 70% at the lowest estimates. As the war continues, the complete collapse of the health system is a matter of time.

These are some of the main indicators of the humanitarian situation in Sudan. They illustrate the need to put pressure on the parties of the war to halt hostilities, to help stop; the rapid deterioration of the Sudanese State, the breakdown of societal cohesion which turns millions of Sudanese into permanent displaced persons, thus constituting the greatest displacement disaster of the modern age. This is happening in shaky, poor territory.

Second: On the underlying causes of the Generals’ war and political conflict, many complex reasons are intertwined, internal, regional and international Sudan is a country with a wealth of agricultural capacities as well as water and mineral resources, its medium location for a number of States and climates, and its deep ethnic and cultural diversity, the aspirations of neighboring States have escalated, extending intelligence and the capitalist and expansionist interests, and so it becomes a backdrop of conflicts of interest in both cases of their compatibility and their fighting over positions and leadership. The junta of the former and extended regime provided a favorable climate for such conflicts and interventions by practicing policies of acquiescence, maneuver and manipulation of the country’s resources to clean up the image of its terrorist leaders

With the fall of the head of the regime and the rise of the mass tide towards bringing down the entire system, the system’s centers, in coordination with the pockets of international intelligence, have created an interim authority through which they can cross their entire fall to a process which ensures the continuity of their interests their control of the authority and resources, or, if necessary, retained parts thereof. This situation and the growing mass force and its rejection of that distorted equation, led to the explosion of contradictions within a camp of (landing), and with the necessary military incubators, the war situation exploded on the morning of April 15, 2023. Thus, the complex conflict can be summarized in:

* Conflicting international interests between Russia and its allies, on the one hand, and America, the European Union and their allies, on the other hand, are fighting through their warfare agents in Sudan for mutual pressure, expanding influence and threatening the corresponding bloc’s interests both in the Red Sea and in the African depth.

* A regional conflict involves expanding the territorial dominance of the axes of the Arab Emirates on the one hand and of Egypt and Saudi Arabia on the other, as this conflict extends and is intertwined with the African periphery, and is represented at multiple levels. The same axes are affiliated with international centers, but they are also grappling with the acquisition of the greatest regional centralization >

* With the interconnectedness of secondary interests and contradictions at the international and regional levels, the interests of internal forces working either to preserve past interest tracks or seeking to be part of the new distribution of power and future divisive paths. The former regime’s forces sticking to their interests through their deep State play on various fronts and work to deepen the war crisis, returning through chaos to full control or imposing itself as part of the next authority.

* In all this complexity, the main figure in the conflict is exceeded, namely the people of the Sudan, who have become mere figures of the dead and displaced. In parallel with all these intertwined wars, a major fierce war is being waged against the people and their mass and revolutionary bodies to thoroughly liquidate the revolutionary outposts of action, and to create false alternatives to people’s representatives through superior configurations subsidiaries to regional and global power centers.

As summarized above, we ask the free peoples of the world, the masses of the countries of the region and all the countries of the world, to work to pressure their Governments to change their policies that lead to and fuel war in our country, allow impunity for war criminals and their supporting organizations and even ensure that they continue as agents and legislators to systematically plunder our wealth and the future of our generations.

Finally, as we present this memorandum to the free world, we are seeking, in cooperation with them, to make the world a better place to live, by preventing violations, wars and sowing world peace, through conscious and mutually beneficial partnerships, and building a future in which future generations enjoy development and prosperity rather than wars and exterminations, together to implement these necessary measures to stop and prevent the recurrence of wars in the Sudan:

* First, to stop war assistance to the parties of the military conflict, and to criminalize dealing with them, and the blockade of war-supporting States and organizations.

* To consider the so-called Rapid Support Forces (RSF) as terrorist militias and rebels. Their leaders, founders and financiers, individuals, organizations and States should be accountable.

* To recognize the mistake of supporting and legitimizing such militias, and emphasize their domestic, regional and international risk.

* To stop dealing with the army leadership as a sovereign or political leadership of Sudan, and to withdraw legitimacy and recognition of its coup d ‘état authority, and support the unconditional handover of power to civilians representing the actual forces of the revolution.

* To cooperate with the civil authority in handing over the regime’s leaders and their stolen assets and disclosing funds and assets registered in countries and world banks.

* To commit supporting civil authority in accordance with its priorities and policies, including unconditional forgiveness of the remaining bad debts that paid for the fallen regime and were used in wars and annihilations of our people.

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