Jenin Invasion: Palestinian People’s Party statement

We call for Urgent Action to protect Jenin Camp from the threat of ethnic cleansing and physical liquidation

The Palestinian People’s Party has called for urgent action and the mobilization of all energies to confront and thwart the aggression and to protect the Jenin camp from the threat of ethnic cleansing and physical liquidation in light of the criminal development of the Israeli war aggression that is now taking place against our people.

This is especially so after the occupation forces embarked on a collective evacuation, by force of arms, of the Camp’s residents, and the area of the Camp was bombed by warplanes.

The People’s Party said in a Press release: What is happening now in the Jenin Camp is a prelude to a massacre and a large-scale displacement of our people.

The Party also demanded that the Arab countries and the entire international community assume their responsibilities to confront this dangerous development of the isolation and physical liquidation of the Jenin camp. It has called for curbing the continuous aggression against our people.

Published Monday, 3 July 2023

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