Liberation statement on the tragedy in Beirut

Liberation stands in solidarity with the people of Beirut and Lebanon in the wake of the catastrophic explosion which claimed so many lives, destroyed the port and caused untold damage to the capital city on Tuesday evening. Liberation sends its deepest condolences to the bereaved, the injured, the displaced and homeless and all the families and communities devastated by this terrible event.

Prior to this tragedy Lebanon’s working people, women and youth were already suffering from the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, a deepening economic crisis not of their making and the collapse of public services and infrastructure. The country’s key geostrategic position has also long caused it to be a focus of imperialist interest and intervention with a history of tragic consequences and legacy of violence and war.

Liberation is clear that all such threats and interventions by any foreign power are to be condemned. What is needed now is solidarity with the Lebanese people in response to what they themselves identify as their immediate and longer-term needs  

Liberation calls upon the people of Britain and the British government to provide humanitarian aid, including material support to assist the Lebanese medical services and emergency response teams.

Liberation stands in solidarity with Lebanon!

Photo: Creative Commons CC BY Hussein saifi Tv

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