Suella Bravermann is Rishi Sunak Achilles’ heel

By Murad Qureshi

The present Home Secretary Suella Bravermann made her inflammatory speech on Monday about our shores being “invaded” by migrants. This was in response to being held to account for returning to the Home Office, so soon after resigning for leaking sensitive and confidential information. So some serious questions had to be asked about her and her boss.

Firstly, where did Bravermann learn her history? If she knew any, she would know that the Romans, Vikings and Normans have invaded our shores but those seeking asylum now certainly don’t look like them or operate like them.  Moreover with such comments, why has the PM not sacked Bravermann immediately? The timing could not be worse in light of the fire bomb attack on a migrants hostel the previous weekend.

Edward Heath sacked Enoch Powell immediately for his rivers of blood speech from his shadow Cabinet position in the late 1960s.

You only have to go to the major refugee camps around the world to see that the vast majority of refugees end up in adjoining countries and not in the West. Take for example, the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar are sitting now in camps in the adjoining country Bangladesh and India and certainly not in planes or ships heading for the West.

Nor are we taking a higher burden than other Western countries, as the UK has one of the lowest rates of asylum applications in Europe.

Let’s also not forget the condemned conditions at Marston as well, under her watch. As the appalling conditions at Manston and the terror attack at Dover reflects a decades’ long campaign to dehumanise refugees in the UK. It’s clear we need to expand safe routes, close down detention centres and end the hostile environment.

Indeed it can be said that the new Prime Minister owes his position in No 10 Downing Street to her. For if she had not pledged allegiance to his campaign along with the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory MPs, his rival Boris Johnson would almost have been on the ballot to the members and won, paving the way for his return to Downing Street.

So Rishi Sunak will not sack her nor will she resign. Thus she is his Achilles heel, while the country is further embarrassed around the world. This saga is set to continue for a long time yet, as the Tories in government attempt to hold on to power till the absolute end of their term.

Murad Qureshi is a member of Liberation’s Central Council and a former Member of the London Assembly.

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