Liberation is appalled at the continued violation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in particular the execution of 5 political prisoners on 9th May 2010.

According to the human rights organisations and opposition forces in Iran, the regime retaliate to any kind of criticism and opposition in a theocrat manner and by arresting, detaining, torturing and executing their opponents; including journalists, students, writers, workers, teachers, women and human rights activists on a vast scale. They are accused on fabricated charges, such as ‘threat against national security’ or ‘link with anti-revolution groups’ or ‘moharebeh’ (enmity towards God).

The oppositions in Iran are of the belief that, the harsh and unjustifiable treatment of the recent victims in Iran demonstrates the regime’s fear of resistance by the Iranian people, especially near the time of the first anniversary of the presidential election on 12 June 2009. Despite the concern of the Iranian people about the increased violation of human rights in Iran since this election and regardless of their struggle for democratic rights within the Iranian Constitution, the regime in Iran has not only ignored the people’s demands, but maintained a climate of fear and terror in the country.

The victims of the recent executions were Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish teacher and journalist who was arrested along with two other members of the Kurdish minority, Ali Heydariyan and Farhad Vakili, in Tehran around July 2006. The three men were originally sentenced to death on 25 February 2008 because of alleged involvement in a militant group. Also executed for the same reason was Shirin Alam Hooli, a twenty eight year old Kurdish woman activist who had routinely and repeatedly been subjected to degrading treatment and torture to confess and had no access to legal representations during her interrogation period. The fifth victim was Mehdi Eslamian, a political activist from who was also accused of activities against the regime. It is noteworthy that all five victims had repeatedly rejected the allegations of being involved in terrorist activities.

Considering the political situation in Iran and the theocratic manner of the Islamic regime, Liberation believes that the Iranian authorities disregard not only their own Constitution but the International Declaration of Human Rights. Whilst the government in Iran states it is for peace, freedom, democratic rights and friendship with the world, the absence and violation of human rights and especially the wave of executions prove the contrary. It is a matter of concern for the international human rights organisations that the authorities in Iran are likely to increase their atrocities in the future. In such a circumstance, Liberation calls on the UN, the European Parliament, and the International Community to take serious and urgent steps to make the Iranian regime to stop executions immediately; to release all political prisoners; to stop human rights violations and abide by International Laws.

May 2010

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