Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque is an unprecedented escalation, says Palestinian People’s Party

We call on our people to strengthen their unity in defence of Jerusalem and the holy sites and for the national rights of our people

The Palestinian People’s Party strongly condemned the occupation army’s storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, assaulting and harassing worshipers, injuring dozens and arresting hundreds of them.

The party added that the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque at dawn today, Friday, is an unprecedented escalation by the occupation, accompanied by the continuation of various forms of aggression, killing and detention campaigns carried out by its forces and fascist organs against our people in all Palestinian territories.

The Party considered, in a press statement issued today, Friday, that this continuous aggression represents a declaration of total war on our Palestinian people in an attempt to consolidate complete occupier’s control over Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque. It also aims to break their will, in a desperate effort to force the people to accept the fait accompli that undermines their legitimate and inalienable rights, the right to return and to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Palestinian People’s Party called on the international community and the Arab and Islamic nations to intervene in order to stop the barbaric aggression that targets the Palestinian people and their sanctities.

While saluting the resistance of the masses of our people in all the governorates of the homeland against the occupation and gangs of its settlers, especially the people of the city of Jerusalem and the worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque who confronted the aggression with bare chests, the Party stressed the importance of the unity of our Palestinian people and all its forces in the face of this continuous aggression and thwarting its goals, regardless of the cost.

Political statement by the Political Bureau of the Palestinian People’s Party

·  We call on all forces to unite in order to transform the various popular confrontations into an all-encompassing popular uprising to end the occupation.

·  The relationship between our people and the occupying state is only one of  struggle to end the occupation.

·  The ambiguous situation caused by the agreements in the relationship with the occupation ended a long time ago, and we must act accordingly.

The Political Bureau of the Palestinian People’s Party held a lengthy meeting in which it addressed the most important political developments and the growing combative state of our Palestinian people in the face of the continuous Zionist aggression against it and on its lands and holy sites, especially in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem and Jenin, in addition to all Palestinian lands.

While our party salutes the masses of our heroic people who are standing up to the occupation everywhere, it stresses the need to expand the confrontation of this aggression and the challenges facing our people with the broadest national unity. It also affirms the following:

1) To consider the party’s bodies, all its organizations and comrades in a state of full alert, and to harness all its energies in the total national battle against the occupation and in strengthening the resistance and steadfastness of our people.

In this regard, it stresses on the involvement of all party members and supporters in the various activities of popular struggle against the occupation, and the initiation of work with all forces for their unity in developing and strengthening the current state of struggle of our people towards an all-encompassing popular uprising to end the occupation.

2) The party affirms once again that the agreements signed with the occupying state, which were torn apart by the occupation itself many years ago, no longer govern the relations of the Palestinian people with the occupying state. What governs this relationship is only the struggle of our Palestinian people, their daily resistance to the occupation, and the need to develop it into an all-encompassing popular uprising to end this occupation, as it is the central and urgent task of our people.

Our party stresses that the popular struggle has long ago overcome the ambiguous nature of the relationship with the occupation caused by the agreements signed with it and the failure of the authority to turn into a sovereign state, getting rid of this occupation. This was expressed by the unanimous decisions of the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organisation since 2015 and the meetings of the general secretaries of the organisations.

Our party considers that keeping pace with the growing popular situation in this direction has become an issue that cannot be postponed by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Palestinian Authority itself. Accordingly, the party demands the immediate start without any delay in implementing the decisions of the Palestinian National and Central Councils, foremost of which is the withdrawal of recognition of the Israeli occupying state, ending “the security coordination” with it, and considering all the agreements and their consequences, completely finished.

3) The Palestinian People’s Party renews its call for overcoming all manifestations of the hateful division, unifying the political discourse by all the forces and factions of our people, and uniting in one leadership for a comprehensive an all-encompassing popular uprising against the occupation.

4) The need to support the state of growing popular struggle by all our people, in accordance with the specificity of the situation in each of the arenas of our people’s presence.

5) Our party issues an urgent appeal to all the Arab popular forces and the forces of solidarity with our people in the world in order to support our people in their daily struggle against the occupation, and to expand the campaign to impose sanctions and boycotts on the racist occupying state.

Palestinian People’s Party, 15 April 2022

Image: Al-Aqsa Mosque/CC

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