Human development is not sustainable on basis of plunder – President of Socialist Party of Zambia

The US hosted the second Summit For Democracy in Africa on March 29-30, 2023,. It was held in Zambia.

“The United States have come to Southern Africa to teach us democracy, a country that was opposed to our liberation, a country that supported Colonial regimes, the apartheid regime in South Africa, the white racist minority regime in Rhodesia, the Portuguese colonial governments in Mozambique and Angola, a country that has toppled so many governments in Africa that has led so many coups in Africa, and other parts of the world, a country that has killed so many of our leaders in Africa and other parts of the world… a country that has been built on a brute force, on the enslavement of other human beings, on the humiliation of Africans,  the exploitation of Africans, the plunder of Africa, today is coming to teach us about democracy.”

Fred M’membe, President of Socialist Party of Zambia

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