Solidarity with Sudanese against military rule and bloody repression

The struggle of the Sudanese people for genuine democracy and against the military regime that seized power on 25 October 2021 has been met with bullets and brutal repression.

Confirmed reports from Sudan today, Friday 1 July, indicate that the mass demonstrations against military rule and for a democratic civilian government which took place yesterday in Khartoum and other cities have been met with bullets in the severest of crackdowns. This has left nine protesters dead, and hundreds injured in less than 48 hours. Over a hundred peaceful protesters have been murdered by the security forces since the military rulers seized power in a coup last October.

As the campaign of repression escalates, reports received indicate that all democratic opposition forces are now targets of the military government and its security forces. Today saw an attack on the headquarters of the Communist Party in Khartoum in which tear-gassed protesters had sought refuge. The building is now surrounded and those inside under siege. Liberation has always supported the legitimate struggle and aspirations of the Sudanese people against dictatorship and for freedom, democracy, and social justice, as expressed by their heroic uprising and revolution beginning in December 2018.

We condemn the massacre of peaceful Sudanese protesters and call for an immediate end to the repression and for those responsible for these heinous crimes to be brought to justice. Liberation calls for the coup d’état regime, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, to be internationally isolated and will campaign for the British government to do what it can towards this end. Liberation will also redouble its efforts to mobilise British public opinion in support of the Sudanese people and their courageous fight to defeat the military dictatorship and achieve lasting democratic change.

Image: Protest in solidarity with the Sudanese revolution in front of the German Foreign Ministry/Creative Commons

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