Global Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela: Liberation Statement

It is with a deep sense of disappointment that Liberation notes the intention of the new administration in the United States to continue the policy of illegal sanctions against Venezuela.  The sanctions have exacerbated the country’s economic difficulties and dramatically affected the lives of its people.

The US administration is pursuing this policy of interference and blockade in order to undermine sovereign Venezuela.  The government of Venezuela continues to fight for the management of its natural resources in order to improve the lives of its people, in the face of an oligarchy accustomed to living off income from the exploitation of Venezuela’s natural assets by external multinationals.

Liberation is also deeply disappointed by the recent statement by US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, reiterating the new administration’s support for Juan Guaidó, the pretender to the Venezuelan presidency, widely recognised as representing a political front for the corporations seeking the appropriation of Venezuelan assets.

Liberation welcomes the observation of the World Peace Council (WPC) delegation which visited Venezuela as international observers for the 6th December 2020 Parliamentary Elections. The WPC stated that, “It has been an inspiring opportunity for us to witness one of the most democratic and free elections in the world.”

The delegation also observed that the election was “a clear manifestation of mass participation and diversity of the parties involved.”  The delegation could find no evidence to support the claims by the United States, European Union, and others engaged in imposing sanctions upon Venezuela, that it represented a “presidential dictatorship” or that there was a “lack of democracy” in the country.

Liberation rejects the US government’s so-called “Plan for the Transition in Venezuela”, which has escalated aggression and interference in the affairs of Venezuela.   In the context of the global pandemic, measures which have tightened the blockade and illegal unilateral sanctions, have greatly exacerbated the effects of the global pandemic on the Venezuelan people.

Liberation joins solidarity movements around the world in demanding the immediate lifting of the illegal sanctions of the US and European governments against Venezuela, and the return of the financial resources belonging to the Republic of Venezuela, illegally retained in International Banks, so that they can be used for the pressing needs of the country in the fight against COVID-19 and for national productive development.

We urge the new administration of President Joe Biden to reject the positions of his predecessor and to step back from the serious threat of military intervention and imperialist war against Venezuela.

In the UK, we urge the British government to accept the outcome of the 6th December 2020 election in Venezuela, revoke its recognition of the claims of Juan Guaidó, and desist from following the United States policy of maintaining sanctions.   We further call on the British government to comply with the UN’s recent request to release more than $1 billion of Venezuela’s assets held by the Bank of England. We welcome the support of progressive MPs in the British Parliament and the solidarity of British trade unions in recognising the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Finally, we call upon the peoples of the world to reject the threat of war in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to defend the right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination and peace.

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