Film Screening: Roots and Clamor in the British Parliament

“Roots and Clamor” in the British Parliament

W. Sahara Meeting flyer 



“Ebbaba, is the voice of young Saharawi people, protesting against Moroccan occupation. Come to see her film and listen to her message and witness her determination”


Grimond room will host next Monday October 27th the documentary on the struggle of the Saharawi people, a society that lives halfway between two different cultures.From the point of view of young people living in Europe,”Roots and Clamor” is becoming a new opportunity to learn more about the situation of the Saharawi people and its message.
The event will take place at 18:00 hrs in the seat of Parliament and will be attended by the Director of the documentary, Ebbaba Hameida Hafed; who gives voice to the Saharawi people. Also accompanying Ebbaba Hameida Hafed on the panel are: Maggie Bowden (General Secretary of the Human Rights organisation, “Liberation”), Jeremy Corbyn, Member of the British Parliamentary (MP), who also recently visited the occupied territories of Western Sahara, the liberated territories and refugee camps in Tindouf and finally, John Gurr (Wester Sahara Campaign) who is knowledgeable about the plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara.
This event is organized by the Human Rights organisation, “Liberation”.

With screening tours that has traveled various places and events, “Roots & Clamor” is a short documentary produced by Nicholas Calvo, the organization; and has been sponsored by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, as well as the post-production by the Platform for Science Popularization.

Maggie Bowden

General Secretary


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