While the world has been rallied to the moral and humanitarian case to support the Rohingyas in their flight from ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar state and their plight in Bangladesh, let us not forget the geo-politics of their situation. Notwithstanding the grandstanding of the Security Council at the UN, it is the Chinese Belt […]

Liberation’s meeting on the situation in DR Congo

  Liberation is hosting a meeting in Parliament on the situation in Democratic Republic of Congo on the 17th of October 2018. Join us to discuss the elections which did not reflect the reality of the Congolese people choices and the ongoing horrific Human Rights abuses and sexual violence inflicted on women, men, and children. […]

World Peace and Justice for Palestine: Report On Recent Speaking Tour

Dr Aqel Taqaz opening statement at Marx Memorial Library   This Summer Liberation hosted a very successful tour across the country on World Peace and Justice for Palestine. The speaker, Dr Aqel Taqaz, is the Vice Chair of the World Peace Council and Secretary of the Palestine Committee for Peace and Solidarity. He is a […]

Democracy and Elections in Mexico

Join us to discuss Mexico’s general election and the violent context in which it is taking place. What is the agenda on human rights? Speakers: Helen Goodman MP – Helen will discuss the importance of international electoral observers. Christine Blower (National Education Union) – Christine will talk about the long struggle of teachers in Mexico […]

APPEAL for support to Claude Mangin Asfari on hunger strike since 18 April

  As one of the signatories in solidarity with the Saharawi people, please find attached a letter of concern from Liberation addressed to the Cabinet of President Macron.    APPEAL for support to Claude Mangin Asfari on hunger strike since 18 April. H.E. Mr President of the French Republic, Claude Mangin Asfari, a French citizen and […]