Liberation appoints Roger McKenzie as new general secretary


Liberation, one of the UK’s oldest human rights organisations, which opposes neo-colonialism, economic exploitation and racism, has appointed leading trade unionist and anti-racism campaigner Roger McKenzie as its new general secretary. The announcement follows a meeting of Liberation’s Central Council on Wednesday 4 August.

Mr McKenzie takes over from Maggie Bowden who is a founding member of Liberation and has led the organisation for over 30 years.

Mr McKenzie, who recently stood down as Assistant General Secretary of Unison, said: ‘I am honoured to be taking on this new role at such a prestigious organisation.

‘Maggie has been an inspiration to me and I aim to bring my experience in the trade union and anti-racist movement to build on her amazing legacy at Liberation.

‘Whether its backing battles for popular progressive sovereignty in the face of western imperial interests in the global south, promoting peace and justice in the Middle East, campaigning against Big Pharma for a People’s Vaccine or fighting against racism at home, especially through promotion of an anti-colonial and anti-racist education curriculum, Liberation’s work remains as important as ever.’

‘Over the past seven decades Liberation has won the respect and support of the labour and trade union movement in Britain for its consistent championing of struggle against colonialism and for campaigning for the government to address the legacy of colonial rule in former colonies of Britain.’ 

Mrs Bowden said: ‘I am very proud to have led Liberation over the past three decades, most latterly with my friend and comrade, Jeremy Corbyn, bringing causes against injustices and neo-colonialism to the attention of politicians and governments in the UK and across the world at the UN and ILO.

‘I am delighted to pass the baton to Roger, whom I have known for many years as a deeply committed fighter for racial equality and economic and social justice in Britain and around the world.

‘Our link with trade unions has always been very important to us and I know one of Roger’s first jobs will be to strengthen and deepen those relationships. ’

Mrs Bowden will remain involved with Liberation as joint president, alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP, who was a long-time chair of the organisation.


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About Liberation

Liberation was founded in 1954 as the Movement for Colonial Freedom. For more than half a century it has campaigned, along side other anti-imperialist forces, to rid the world of colonialism. In 1970 its name was changed to Liberation.

As part of its campaigning and educational work, Liberation publishes a quarterly journal, holds regular events, and is currently developing a programme of webinars which are expected to start this autumn.

Find out more, including how to join as an individual member or as an affiliated organisation, including union branches, at

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